Fellow Spotlight: Hannah Campi

Fellowship Type: Carbon Neutrality Initiative for Student Engagement

Campus: UC Riverside

Degree Objective: Environmental Science B.S. at UC Riverside

Project Description: Hannah focuses on updating and improving UC Riverside’s Climate Action Plan. She will be including Carbon Neutrality goals and expanding on new goals of the campus in the Climate Action Plan and will highlight UC Riverside’s progress so far.

What impact does your fellowship work have on your campus, your community, the state, or the world? Hannah wants her amendments to the updated plan to provide a clearer sense of the campus’s path to sustainability. Their Climate Action Plan will be linked to the goals of the City of Riverside and help to connect on-campus climate efforts with the local community. Hannah believes the only way to make serious and lasting change is to do so at the local level, with the backing and appreciation of the community who will be most impacted by changes.

What is a recent success in your project? Hannah and her colleagues have finished outlining the new Climate Action Plan and completed the first few sections in preparation for upcoming design and planning charrettes and the Global Climate Leadership Council conference.

Why are you interested in the Climate Neutrality Initiative? Hannah believes everyone needs to take serious steps towards reducing our impact on the climate. The Carbon Neutrality Initiative is a way to prove that the UC is serious about making change and that this change is possible. An institution as large as the UC system has the potential to make significant change and be a leader in moving toward world-wide carbon neutrality.

What do you hope to do in the future using the tools you developed during the fellowship? Throughout this project, Hannah has gained a better understanding of what goes into sustainability planning and management. She believes the skills learned and developed will help her in any career.


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