Fellow Spotlight: Emanuel (Manny) Preciado

Fellowship Type: Global Food Initiative for Research

Campus: UC Irvine

Degree Objective: Urban Planning M.S. at UC Irvine

Project Description: Manny’s fellowship involves urban garden projects in and around campus at UC Irvine. These projects are hands-on, experiential learning internships engaging a range of skills essential to urban agriculture, for both gardens and community organizations.

What impact does your fellowship work have on your campus, your community, the state, or the world? Manny’s project is meant to create a sustainable network amongst the existing campus gardens with a long term goal of providing healthy, nutritious food harvested on campus for the student pantry.

What is a recent success in your project? Manny and colleagues have recently have begun to connect with community organizers who want to start a micro farm in a low-income predominantly Latino neighborhood not far from campus. He hopes to leverage university resources to assist them with this undertaking.

Why are you interested in the Global Food Initiative? I want to utilize urban farming as a means to help revitalize communities, provide communities healthy food at a low cost, assist communities to reconnect with nature, and create spaces that communities can be proud of and participate in.

What do you hope to do in the future using the tools you developed during the fellowship? Manny’s career goals are to work in Environmental Planning and Policy where he can play a role in reshaping our food systems on a local, regional, and national scale.


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