Fellow Spotlight: Andrew Zumkehr

Fellowship Type: Climate Neutrality Fellow for Research

Campus: UC Merced

Degree Objective: Environmental Systems M.S. at UC Merced

Project Description: Andrew plans to estimate the potential for local food systems in the US and the potential for waste water application to croplands in California

What impact does your fellowship work have on your campus, your community, the state, or the world?  Andrew aims to inform the scientific and general communities on the maximum potential of local food systems in the US. He will also aid in the identification of population centers that have the cropland resources to consider local food systems and encourage water reuse for croplands that could mitigate the need for pumping groundwater that can lead to salt water intrusion, reduced aquifer capacity, subsidence, infrastructure damage and increased energy intensity.

What is a recent success in your project? Andrew recently had his work published in Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment. His article is titled “The potential for local croplands to meet US food demand”.

Why are you interested in the Carbon Neutrality Initiative? Andrew is interested in the Global Food Initiative because it is a very supportive institution with goals related to his research interests (energy, sustainability, local food, and climate change).

What do you hope to do in the future using the tools you developed during the fellowship?  Andrew anticipates completing his estimation of the potential waste water resource that may be available for croplands in California.


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